Why Every Kid Should Go For Swimming Lessons

Swimming, as we define it, is to be able to move from one place to another with comfort and ease, getting air and rest when you want. But swimming is not just about learning different techniques and strokes. When we feel completely safe, confident and comfortable, anywhere in the pool or in the water surface, then we have energy left to do the prescribed ways of moving through the water. This is one of the important things that children can learn in swimming lessons.

For families who live in a city or town where water activities are a part of everyday life, many parents want to make sure their children are safe and comfortable in the water by getting them into swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons continued to grow in popularity and many institutions and programs now offer swim lessons for infants and children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that children, of at least 4 years old, should begin formal swimming lessons. AAP also added that parents can decide about starting swim lessons and training based on the child’s emotional maturity, exposure to water, health conditions, and physical limitations.

Does your child need to sign up for swim lessons? There are quite a few reasons why professional swimming lessons are incredibly important to learn at a young age.


They Can Learn Faster

Younger children are more flexible and can learn to swim faster and easier because the underdeveloped prefrontal cortex in a child allows them to explore their skills and gives them the ability to be creative and think outside of the box. They can absorb the skill of swimming and pick up the knowledge faster than it is for an older child. On the other hand, a child’s age, natural ability, motivational level and the instructor’s level of teaching expertise all play a significant role in determining how quickly a child can learn.


It Improves Their Overall Health

Swimming is regarded as a great way to improve heart rate, blood flow, muscle tone, burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. Swimming lessons enable children to learn various skills and techniques that are essential in improving their overall health, particularly their strength, stamina, mental ability, cardiovascular fitness and heart condition. Moreover, children who actively participate in swim lessons might avoid other health issues associated with obesity and diabetes.


It Increases Water Safety

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death and injuries among children, next to poisoning and falls. According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign and the National Safety Council statistics, over 800 children under 14 years of age drown every year. Swimming lessons may help to decrease the risk of drowning in any environment by as much as 88%. Through swimming lessons, children can learn to swim at a swimming pool, which is the safest, calm and relaxing place to learn water safety and safe behaviors around water. This can protect them from drowning as well as build their confidence in swimming.


It Develops Social Skills And Interaction

Swimming lessons can be a great social activity outside the home. In group swimming lessons, children of similar age interact with each other and learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Kids who become teammates are able to enjoy a group setting that fosters strong friendships, a spirit of sportsmanship and development of responsibility. In addition, they can meet new friends and also enjoy all sorts of activities including exercises, pool parties and friendly competition.


It Enhances Brain And Emotional Development

School and social circles could have a psychological impact on children. In fact, 10% of children aged 5-16 years have a clinically diagnosable mental problem. The mental health benefits of swimming shouldn’t be underestimated. The National Health Service (NHS) already prescribed swimming to fight mental illness and anxiety. Blood flow, breathing, and heart rate are all contributing factors of stress. Swimming lessons enable children to do physical training to improve blood circulation, heart, and breathing rate, that can have a positive counter effect on the child’s brain development and behavior.

In today’s fast-paced world, getting your child into swimming lessons can help them in many ways. Children who start early in swimming have advanced cognitive and physical skills than children who hadn’t. In a nutshell, swimming gives your child the privilege to have a healthy, more safe and enjoyable life.